Filming With Afterthoughts Video


The first thing you should know is that you're not going to find the same high production value filming and editing anywhere else for less. The simple reason? I'm retired from my regular job, and this job supplements my income. We ENJOY doing this.

Afterthoughts Video films it's productions with the latest in high tech equipment. High quality 3-chip standard definition or full High Definition cameras.

Yes, we realize that the term should be videotaping but it has almost become a synonymous term and may actually be used more than taping. DISCLOSURE: We do not film - we videotape. Although we can convert your film to video or DVD before it’s too late (see Why Convert?).

Afterthoughts Video has never been faulted for providing too little coverage of an event. We believe in backup and preparing for the unexpected. You can always expect the unexpected. Things will and do go wrong that were never counted on; Someone turning off the lights while you are filming because they think it’s more romantic while they are dancing with their boyfriend or girlfriend, The groom forgetting to turn the wireless mike on, someone stepping in front of a stationary camera and standing, The wedding party circling around the Bride and Groom while the Ceremony is going on blocking any possible camera shot, etc.

It’s this one shot only, atmosphere that keeps many camera operators in the studio where they have control. Because of this and our experience that makes us bring an extra camera, more batteries than believed necessary, a still camera, and lighting. We realize that this, hopefully, will be a one-time event for you and unlike a still photographer that can stage a photo; we usually aren’t afforded that luxury. (This is the end of pity the poor camera operator)?

Although not required, we usually take as many still photos as the still photographer to include in the video. Years ago, we thought it was a nice idea to include the official photos in the video but found that waiting 3-4 weeks or longer was too long and the bloom was off the flower by then. Part of the excitement had gone. Many times our photos rivaled those of the still photographer anyway. Our new selfish goal is to have the video back in your hands early enough that after many viewings you think that the photographer is using our photos.


We know how expensive a wedding is today and know that budgets are sometimes stretched to the point that cost cutting is done. Afterthoughts Video is still one of the few that still is eager to take your existing footage and photos and produce an edited product that will become an heirloom, or at least a fantastic video for show and tell.

We believe that our roots show in this field and think that we still produce a classy production that includes everything: Music, Titles, special effects and format selection. We will use your music or selections from our vast library. (Copyright laws are very liberal in this area as the production is, after all, your personal memento of the treasured event.

We don’t hesitate to use state of the art special effects and titling programs in the appropriate spots. We don’t count them and restrict you to a specified number of effects or transitions as do some other editing companies. We are guided by the aesthetic look, while keeping in mind that the event is the topic. It is not a show and tell of effects. We don't nickel and dime you 'per effect'. We use what is appropriate.

If your material is supplied, we may suggest that you allow us to perform computer color corrections to either video footage or photos, or restore worn and scratched photos. Heck, you may decide to have this done anyway, even if you decide not to edit.


We can offer you the services of a skilled camera operator with a digital, three-chip camera or a high definition camera to film your ceremony and reception. You will be provided with the raw footage in VHS, S-VHS, or Mini-DV. Of course you may want to option for a DVD copy at a slight extra charge. You may want to have the event edited later.


Even though this is called a single camera shoot, our operator may elect to set up a second, stationary camera, if conditions warrant. This is the first level that an edited product is produced and the additional camera may provide additional security. It includes only the ceremony and reception.

Our photographer will attempt to take as many still photos, as time will allow, for inclusion in the video. Our edited video will end up being generally around 30-40 minutes. It is generally an accepted fact in the industry that anything longer than that pushes the attention span of most viewers. In truth, the most important audio that is worth capturing during the ceremony is the “I do’s” and the marriage pronouncement (for future proof)?

Any narration will slow down the video. Consider that we are tasked with reducing (editing) down as much as 6 hrs worth of live video per camera, plus photographs into a production 30-40 minutes long. We hope that you won’t be trying to fast forward one of our productions to get to a favorite spot. This certainly happens with raw footage or a video that is basically that.

For the bride that wants to relive every moment of the event, we suggest having us make you a copy of the raw footage. In defense, this might not be a bad idea, as you might want the raw footage for some future production such as your 50th anniversary. Another thing (we could be stepping on toes here?) is; There are few people around that can stand up, in front of a crowd, and offer a toast coherently without forethought. Many people actually, mentally lock up and can’t even remember their name. We get a lot of - "I love ya man". We still record all these out of the hope that someone actually came off well and will include them. Of course if you wish, we will leave them in anyway. We attempt to make your production something to be admired and in these awkward moments, we will generally visually show the toast but smooth it over with a musical background.

There is a whole school of thought on guest interviews by each videographer. Some include them in their productions as filler. Our thought is that if it something from parents to children, Bride to Groom or vise versa it has merit and we will certainly provide it. Any other interviews are time wasters for an edited film, slow it down and degrade the production. There. Now we will do what you want, we just wanted you to know where you would be fast-forwarding.

With this option, you will be required to choose a format for your final product. Of course we make copies and as many as you want.


This level of production assumes that you want the best. Multiple cameras are the only way to provide that cinema look with different angles. The full project would include sections in photos and/or video of the Bride and Groom growing up, a section of dating, shower, rehearsal and dinner. This is called a 'life history.'

In addition, we can also take still pictures. We generally take our own still pictures for inclusion in our video footage. Normally, these should not be relied upon as your official wedding photos. We can, however, provide a dedicated professional photographer to take all of your best still pictures.

We are more than happy to accept and use your own video footage and photos from these events for inclusion as it will save you money for a camera operator.

With multiple camera angles, the complexity of the editing increases. Most customers want their productions put on dvd. This will allow you to have a menu with a menu selection for each portion of the event; Him/her growing up, shower, proposal, rehearsal, ceremony, reception, etc. We of course realize that some people get confused with menus and would prefer to put it in and play. If this is the case, your project can be set up with chapter markers to allow you to skip forward or backward to the beginning of each segment.

It is best at the reception, if a small table or area can be provided for equipment, if space permits. If you cannot find a friend or relative to get this footage, then we will be available.

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