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Here you can find photos that Afterthoughts Video has taken of your wedding or other event, for use in your video production.

Afterthoughts Video's main business is producing video on DVD or tape for customers. We normally take our own additional still photos with state of the art 3 and 6 megapixel digital cameras for inclusion in the videos. Often we'll have hundreds of print quality photos, that a customer my wish to purchase on cd.

The photos seen on the following pages are low-resolution, watermarked images. There is normally one full quality photo posted with each page, so you can see the quality you'll be expecting if you purchase the cd. Pricing will vary per event.

Contact Afterthoughts Video for pricing on DVDs. There are three DVD's available for purchase. One is the DVD of the traditional wedding in Africa. Another is of the wedding and reception in the U.S. The third DVD available is of interviews of the guests at the reception with their special messages to the bride and groom. There is also a two CD set available for purchase with over 200 high resolution photos, suitable for printing.

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