About Afterthoughts Video

About Afterthoughts Video

We are a small company, providing video taping, video editing, dvd authoring and photo editing and restoration services to individuals or companies. We can handle any event, from a small birthday to multi camera weddings and even corporate events. We are now located in Mooresville, North Carolina, just north of Charlotte.

Our Beginnings

lakeAfterthoughts Video began slowly, during the late 80’s when the owner set up a linear (tape to tape) editing system at home to produce training videos for his work, at home where there was time to be creative. It was also an excuse to formalize a hobby.

He, with five children in school, became easy to solicit help for video help with an assortment of school related functions such as baseball, soccer, cheerleading and independent drill teams. Most parents would photograph or video the various games or competitions during the season or year and wanted to share them at a typical, end of season awards banquet. The only solution, because of time was to take the total material from the parents and edit a 30 – 40 minute production that not only recapped the season, but also did it in an entertaining manner. This was a big hit, became an annual event and, of course, every member “had” to have their own personal copy. The cheer and drill team videos continue till this day and have spread by word of mouth.

For a number of years the owner helped the local high school with their annual production of a Senior film. The photography class was converted to video and it took awhile for adequate equipment to be obtained to fully operate. The format used with the drill teams, became the guide for each segment of the school production.

These many years of association with hundreds of students became the source of clients for Afterthoughts Video. As the students grew up they began to require video productions of their weddings, for their businesses, and for their children we were the natural choice. At the point in time when it became obvious that our work was no longer just a hobby and an official business license was obtained, the choice of business name was easy. We began our business by editing the product of others, after the fact—-Afterthoughts.


Since our beginnings, we have always had a philosophy of offering the best product for the client’s money. We began our video work as a hobby in the late 80’s because it was exciting and the end product provided a lasting, entertaining, medium that was enjoyed by most people. We have tried to keep this attitude as a business.

We began by editing the raw product of others and till this day we are not offended when a client wants us to formalize a wedding production from various friends video footage and photographs of the event. We do this so well, that many of our projects are to re-edit the work of others weather it be for content, lack of artistic quality, too much elevator music, or the need for additional photographs to be added.

We rarely refuse any type of work because it doesn’t fit a normal boilerplate format, used by many competing agencies. By this we mean that “with your wedding video, you will receive the following titles, this is the music that you will receive and oh, you want special effects?” We do, indeed, enjoy working on a project that allows us to be creative. We believe that your wedding doesn’t have to look exactly like the one we did yesterday. We, of course realize that there are basics that must be covered for a proper video and can offer you almost any level of production from a simple, single digital camera with no editing, or shoot with multiple digital cameras with photo life history sections, and the inclusion of your own footage from engagement parties, showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc.

We can convert old film footage for inclusion, video footage from a host of formats, slides—you call the shots. The most exciting news is that we have pioneered the field in offering weddings on DVD. Other agencies are starting to offer a DVD copy of your wedding (an exact copy of your edited video tape)? but few are currently offering to do it with menus. See Wedding Video section

We have been working on or with videotape since it was first used in 2” format on the Apollo project for recording data and voice transmissions. We were there when the personal video recorders became popular in the 80’s and saw the format battles between manufactures (beta vs. vhs)?. We have been around long enough to state with authority that most videotapes that you may have kept to document an event may soon be lost to deterioration. We are actively promoting the transferring of these important/precious memories to DVD. See format conversion section

Afterthoughts Video offers friendly, professional service, using the latest digital equipment and software available. All this with prices that seldom can be equaled. Please contact us about filming and/or editing your event, no matter the type.

E-mail us today or call 714-994-6129 for more information or appointment to discuss your project.

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