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Photo Scanning and Restoration

Afterthoughts Video has years of experience with scanning and restoration of older photos. What started out as usually an addition to our wedding videos, has turned into a business all on it’s own.

We can take your old, tired, and worn out pictures and bring new life to them. We can even restore many tin types if they are relatively flat. We can color correct, touch up and remove dust and scratch marks and even repair missing areas. Some customers have even had us remove certain people entirely from an old photo.

No alterations are made to your original photos. They are digitally scanned and then hand re-touched. We use professional quality scanners and scan each picture by hand to ensure we get every last bit of detail. Every picture is touched up by hand.

After restoration, you have many options. You can choose to use the photos in one of our photo montages – a dynamic, engaging slideshow set to music of your choice. All images are constantly moving, flowing subtley across the screen. Not just your boring powerpoint presentation of photos. The montage can put put on a CD to play on your computer, or a DVD to play on any standard home DVD player.

Your photos are also returned to you as stills in digital form, on a CD or DVD, allowing you to choose the printer of your choice in making copies.

If you do want your finished digital photos printed, we do have a professional photo lab that we can utilize to print on professional quality photo paper. We can make anything from wallet size to large poster size prints, on photo paper or foam core board.

Preserver you r family’s vintage photos for generations to come by having them restored and retouched using the latest digital restoration techniques.

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