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Video Editing

Final Cut Pro Editing Window

Final Cut Pro Editing Window

Afterthoughts Video offers full post – production services for most consumer and prosumer video formats. Our specialty in the past has been filming and editing weddings although more recently our tape to finished production capabilities have spread into Event Filming, Corporate Demos, Music Videos, Infomercials and Trade Show Presentations. During event filming, we also generally take our own digital still pictures to include in video productions.

We have developed a great, secondary business in photo restoration, graphics for posters and compression of video and/or audio for web or mobile video player use.

Sony High Definition Video Camera

Sony High Definition Video Camera

We use only professional quality editing equipment and software. We believe that you’ll find that our video editing, effects and titling are some of the best quality that you’ll find in the wedding videographer market. See our samples page for proof.

We firmly believe in helping our customers with their smaller projects as it results in our volume of larger projects in the future. We routinely alter existing corporate videos to upgrade vs. new production. Changes are made to replace an opening narration by an ex executive with one from a current one. At times scenes are deleted or replaced; Products are added to keep the video current or music, graphics, logos, or graphics are changed.

It is even becoming common to alter photos to remove ex’s and sometimes replace with a present mate. We commonly replace the background that was there when the photo was taken with a totally new background or location of the person’s choice.

Photo Montage

Photo Montages, or slideshows, are commonly shown at wedding receptions, anniversaries, retirements and are one of our specialties. We usually include them as a segment on our premium wedding productions. They commonly depict, on a wedding production, the bride and groom separately growing up then a section of them while dating.

Customer Supplied Video

Unlike some editors, we have absolutely no problem editing video supplied by our customers, or even other videographers. On client supplied materials for any production we ask the following:

If you have a choice, always try to provide the original raw footage as opposed to a copy or edited version. We strive to keep the quality as high as possible. Please assure that all video is in one of the formats discussed under Tape conversion.

If specific scenes are desired then they should be keyed up or tape markers provided. This is critical if you are looking for us to produce a still photo from videotape.

Photo Editing and Inclusion Into Video Production

Again, unlike other photographers, we’re happy to work with your supplied photos. We aren’t too proud.

Try to organize all photographs into the sections that they will appear in the video. If the sections are date related, such as a bride or groom growing up, then please try to number or date them on the back. We place a limit on each section at 99 photos, for programming purposes. We will offer to scan up to 50 photos for inclusion in the price of the production. Any photograph that must be scanned over that amount will be charged 50 cents each. Photographs submitted on DVD, CD, Zip disc, Compact Flash, Smartmedia, Memory Stick or USB flash memory device will not be charged for and are actually preferred. Photos should be in Photoshop, PSD, TIFF, PNG, PICT, or JPG format.

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