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Video Format Conversion

If you have old family videos on VHS or Betamax tapes or old 8mm or 16mm film, it’s time to get these converted to digital. They will only lose quality and become more brittle as they sit. We can take almost any non digital format and turn it into digital. Please ask if you have a question.

Today’s consumers are continuously being presented with new video formats to capture their moments in history. Commonly they find that it’s their equipment that has become history. They may have an extensive library of Beta tapes in a world that Beta owners are almost a sub culture. Even to buy tapes, they commonly resort to extensive searches on the Internet. The lure of good quality tape and small cameras created a large market for 8mm or Hi-8. Consumers now find that there are few players available to play their tapes at home and those that are available costs many times more than their cameras, in some cases. They must resort to using their cameras as a VCR, a practice not recommended for camera life span, not to mention it’s also very cumbersome. There are people that purchased higher quality equipment only to find that those that want copies (Parents, Grand parents, Relatives, etc.?) cannot play the S-VHS or Mini DV tapes and they must be copied onto a more universal, and usually lesser quality format for them. If any of these situations seem familiar, then contact us to perform these services. An important option during conversion is to have us edit out the undesirable footage from the raw footage of a camera that was not turned off, blurred footage or footage that was taken under poor lighting conditions. We can also improve the contrast and will color correct if desired.


Occasionally, the only photograph that you may have of an incident or of a person might be on videotape. Afterthoughts Video can also convert your treasured pictures to CD or DVD. On DVD they can be presented as a fun to watch movie. We can convert any specified frame of video to an actual photograph. This is especially useful in genealogy projects.


Afterthoughts Video’s editing systems are set up to accommodate the following; Betamax, VHS, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi8mm, VHS –C, S-VHSC, Mini-DV, DV MPG discs, DVD, or any CD or DVD that contains the material in a Quicktime Format. We can also convert some old consumer film formats to digital as well, such as 8mm film.

Keep in mind that we accept and incorporate footage from any of these formats to be used in a new production such as a wedding, anniversary or life history. We can also convert audio to .aiff, .mov, h264, .wav, .mp3, or AAC formats.

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Conversion Options

Afterthoughts Video now can do iPod Video conversions. We can convert any non-copyrighted video you own to the new iPod Video h.264 or MPEG-4 formats. Show your wedding, presentation, or other event off on your new iPod Video. (iPod not included).

VHS Tapes are dying. If you have treasured family videos on VHS or …

DVD Conversions

Afterthoughts Video technicians will take your personal videotapes in any of the noted formats and transfer it to a DVD that will play in most standard DVD players. This transfer consists of making a recording; exactly as it it’s presented to us. A single frame of video is copied from that footage to be used …

Why Convert Formats


Videotape was first commercially used in broadcasting as a method of time shifting broadcasts for later replay in different time zones. This avoided the problems that always go with “live broadcasting”, allowed for editing for content, time and quality without the costs of film production.

Archiving the productions, especially for something as simple …