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DVD Conversions

Afterthoughts Video technicians will take your personal videotapes in any of the noted formats and transfer it to a DVD that will play in most standard DVD players. This transfer consists of making a recording; exactly as it it’s presented to us. A single frame of video is copied from that footage to be used on the main menu page as an index button to represent that segment. Chapter markers will be automatically inserted every 5-6 minutes. This will allow skipping forward or backward, using your remote control, on the final DVD. If the source tape has very definite sections that you want to skip to then we will set specific chapter markers for you, up to a total of seven. We will require that you take your source tape, preview it for those chapter points, and provide us with the tape markers.

There is a maximum of 115 minutes of video that can be transferred to DVD in the Standard Play format. The remaining time is utilized to store necessary programming and DVD operation information. Afterthoughts Video will allow this time to be broken up into several menu segments (three max)? complete with the same number of index photos on the menu. This might be desirable for a wedding that has definite sections such as Ceremony, Reception and Photos. This type of transfer may result in small areas that contain duplicate video sections as the capture is done visually and is not the result of precise editing. Precise chapter markers or a premium DVD production might be more in order for those requiring a presentation that is exacting. Afterthoughts video will allow the 115 minutes of transfer to come from up to 3 separate tapes as long as the total time of 115 minutes is not exceeded on one project. We, again, will require that the customer select how much of each tape is to be transferred with time markers provided to us. Each run must be continuous as editing will not be performed during the transfer. If your raw footage requires editing please consider these services prior to transfer to DVD. Each DVD burn will constitute a project. There will be no “banking of unused allowable time” that can be transferred to another project. In other words, even though we will allow up to 115 minutes of transferred video, a 15-minute video, on one DVD, that is finalized completes the project and the allowable extra 100 minutes is forfeited.

If you require a transfer a highest quality transfer of footage, such as a corporate video, Afterthoughts Video can perform this type of transfer (HQ)? upon request. The maximum time drops to approximately 55 minutes. This is the format that is suggested for masters.

After all video segments are transferred to DVD; the DVD must be finalized before it can be played on any DVD player. This process will end the project and no further information can be transferred.

Afterthoughts Video will transfer material, not video, to DVD for you, if desired. This could be Photographs, Data, Files, Quicktime or AVI movies. The material must already be in a format that can be transferred in a “drag and drop” transfer. If your Photos are still in photo form and need to be scanned, we would be happy to work with you on this type of service. Total transfer amount of any of these types of transfers should not exceed approximately 4.5 – 4.6 Gig in total. This type of burn requires the use of one of our computer systems, additional man-hours in preparation and encoding time. All files must be in an acceptable, compatible, format. These include Photoshop, PSD, Tiff, PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, PICT, TARGA, PIXAR. They can be submitted on all of the common digital camera storage devices, photo CD, Cds or Zip Drive. We caution all of our clients to organize their files before submitting them to be burned in an arbitrary manner. Random burning of so many photos and/or files will cause excessive retrieval times. After this organization, you may want to consider one of our formatted menu programs for the most enjoyment. This allows them to be organized on separate tracks, under separate menus and sub menus. They can be presented as a slide show, timed to your favorite music. This has become almost a standard presentation at weddings. They greatly enhance the work of a genealogical project. Consider also that Afterthoughts Video excels in video productions that combine video and photos. This “after the fact” editing was the source of our name.

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