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Wedding Photography

Wedding or Event Photography

groupWith a professional photographer on staff, Afterthoughts Video can capture your moment in time – something you never get back, but you can relive over and over. We understand the timeless significance of our job. Sombody’s great great grandchildren might be looking over our work some day. Our photographer takes pride in his work and seeks to cpature the great diversity of activity and emotions that are part of your wedding day celebration.

Separate Cameramen

RingsAs part of our video projects, we generally take a few hundred photos of our own, with very high quality digital cameras. Thes are taken for inclusion into the video. Normally, these should not be relied upon as your official wedding photos. We can, however, provide a dedicated professional photographer to take all of your best still pictures, and you should choose this option if you don’t already have a still photographer of your own.

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