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Wedding Videos

Afterthoughts Video specializes in video editing, with sophisticated special effects and professional-quality titles. We feel we have a very unique style. We believe that you’ll find our work to be among the best out there. See our samples page to see for yourself.

Afterthoughts Video truly cares about creating a perfect re-telling of your wedding day. I know that you and your family have worked very hard to get to this day and we at Afterthoughts Video want to capture the emotions, sights and sounds as they happened. Our goal is to create a wedding movie that can relate your love for one another to the viewers.

Many people film or have their weddings filmed by friends and family. Most of the time this is very boring to watch from beginning to end.

Have Afterthoughts Video film your wedding or event.

Afterthoughts Video can film your event with up to three cameras, precisely placed to capture the best parts of your event. We will then edit the video into something fun to watch that’s sure to be a valued treasure.

We can also include a life history of the bride and groom in the video with photos and music from your life leading up to the big day.

We can save your video to VHS tape, or DVD. If you choose the higher quality DVD, you can also choose to have a simple single video play from start to finish with a single play button. Or, you can opt for an interactive menu, complete with motion graphics and backgrounds, with a button for each chapter of the video.

I’ve already had my video filmed and it’s boring

This is precisely how Afterthoughts Video came up with it’s name. We get bored as much as the next person watching home movies. Afterthought Video can take your source video, add in some of your favorite pictures from the event, some of your favorites music, add special effects and titles to your video to make it fun to watch.

Special Requests

We can accommodate most anything you can think of as far as video is concerned. Give us a call with your ideas.

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